My Job

Here we go again this time I want to writie about my job. Okay so I do loan modifications. and I really think that I’m involvedwith a sca, well I don’t know it’s like we’re helping people but we are putting them at risk as well. if they do get approved then they get a huge benefit. if they don’t get approved then they can be even farther behind and they can go into foreclosure. This is a really bad situation. I don’t want people to go into foreclosure because of what I do. I really don’t. I think I should quit the job and just get a new one. I think it’s partly illegal because we charge a fee and there should be no fee attached to the modification. I just know it’s illegal and I don’t want to be involved. I just need to know how we are getting away with it. I know that somehow we are getting away with it and that there is some way that we are not getting arrested. wow I just lost my vaporizer. man I am addicted to that thing. I wish that I was not addicted to anything at all I really don’t want to be addicted to nicotine anymore. I wonder how I can just stop. Maybe if I can just stop the stop then I could stop the stop. I really have to believe that we are doing something illegal at work. I also think it’s unethical. we are straight up lying to people when we work. I just don’t like it anymore. It’s messing with my conscience. I really need the money though and I hope that I can get


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