Empowering and disempowering beliefs a la awaken the giant within


1) *I’m a good musician, I care about people, I’m disciplined, I like my family, I love my relatives. *If I continue to work everyday in at least a small way, I’ll make big progress in the end and that will come faster than I anticipate. I work hard. *The world is getting more caring and better suited to give people a high quality life. People are generally good. People are capable of doing great things. I am capable of great things. I don’t believe the stories in the bible. I’m an avid reader


  • I’m wishy-washy
  • I don’t know what to do with my life
  • *I’m afraid of starting a business because I won’t be able to bring value- antithesis: I can bring great value to people. I’m smart and creative. I’ve come up with ideas before. I had a business idea before that was well-received. I’m good at assessing risk and creative about delivering value and I’m hardworking. 
  • I give myself too many breaks
  • *I’m a pp head :antithesis, I’m great with children and I’m a valuable member of society. I’ve never done anything. And my interactions have been great and acceptable
  • The are many scams out there
  • I’m involved with turkey spam
  • People only look out for themselves
  • I don’t know what to do about my retirement
  • I’m awkward 
  • I don’t have a good relationship with my friends or relatives
  • I let people pick on me
  • I’m a racist
  • I hesitate to do something unless I know a lot about it.
  • I know things in theory but I still don’t feel like I grasp it when it comes time for application
  • I don’t feel like an avid reader.

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