One, two, three, four

Get your woman on the floor

Gotta gotta get up to get down

Gotta gotta get up to get down

“Why can’t I muster up more discipline? Trying to find some is like trying to a missing pooper scooper in your mother’s house. And she’s a hoarder! If I can’t carry through with my commitments, then who am i?”

Such are the self-loathing ravings of a drummer on the brink of an existential crisis. He’s making progress but he doesn’t know how to measure his progress because he doesn’t have any criteria by which to judge progress.

This is what his practice schedule looks like:

He aims to sit down and play his first note on the drums by 5PM, Monday through Friday. He is anywhere from two to ten minutes late roughly 3/5 days. He’s up to 30 minutes late at least once of the week because work lets out late. Then, he messes around on the drums lackadaisically anywhere from 10 to 50 minutes. Next, he takes a break for 15 minutes, smoking a cigarette and drinking water. He sits down and forces himself to play for another 45 minutes. During this post-break stint, he practices the thing he sets out to practice: rudiments. He does this until 7pm.

There are definitely areas for improvement. He can be more strict and he knows it. A couple small changes will help him greatly. 1) He can stop looking at his clock, looking at the clock takes him out of flow and makes the whole process seem to drudge along. 2) He can tackle the most challenging task first for an hour until his break at 6pm.

He can do this. It’s what he deserves and it will be only to his benefit.


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