I Really Need to Take Drumming More Seriously

Whenever I think about what I’ve accomplished in the past year, I always look to my drumming and say, “I’ve drummed consistently for the past year. But that’s starting to become a lie. I’d say that I’ve drummed consistently about 90% of the past year. Missing probably 20 days total. I know that I’ve been doing well with it, but I seriously need to recommit myself to practicing harder and more consistently. I’m good at just getting into the room but I need to practice harder. If I go with what excites me . . . I’ll need to record albums. If I go with what I think will make me proud . . . I’ll need to play drums.

If I had no laziness and no hesitation and no fear. I would try to become a lead singer in a band. Maybe that’s my answer.

I know this though: I have been playing consistently over a year. I’m only more excited about music now.


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