I just submitted my application to the Georgia Tech Online Master of Computer Science program. I am so flabbergastedly excited.  I don’t know when I they’ll release the results but I hope it’s before I need to register for classes at the other college I’m looking at. . . . . . . O GOD O GOD O GOD O GOD.

Okay. Alright so I just need to write right now about what I’m feeling and what I did today. I really liked working with my brother today to review my application essays to Georgia Tech. I really think he had a lot of good input. I took his ideas and merged them with my own to make a strong essay. I really think that I have a good chance of getting in. If I don’t get in, I will still be able to get into my back up school no problem.

I just talked to the head of the program at CSUF, my back up school. He said that I should just take 3 prereqs and I will be able to get in if my grades are good enough. I’m really excited about this. If I get in, I will be able to take software engineering classes and start my career as a software engineer. This will allow me to work remotely. This is huge! This will allow me to move to anywhere I want and work there while I explore! I want to be working and living in Buenos Aires! I can’t wait! I will travel to anywhere with an internet connection and be able to live while I work!


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