Elements of My Identity

Elements of my identity I’d like to have and who I’d like to be.  If I had these I’d talk with confidence and walk with great posture. I would be smiling all the time. The list below are the attributes and role models I would have. I have also included a list of strategies for knowing that I am living these things.

  • courage, in all areas, elon musk
    • sky dive, start business, ask a girl out
  • discipline-iron men
    • run a marathon, practice a solid two hours of drumming 6 days a week
  • decisiveness-tim ferriss
    • stop swaying back and forth between decisions
  • humor-louis ck
    • perform stand up
  • outrageousness-russel brand
    • do the worm at a night club
  • good with women and children
    • go to shelter and volunteer for battered women



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