Feeling really bad at work

I’m just feeling really bad right now at work and it’s not good. I’m feeling bad for a number of reasons: I’m spending too much on food, I’m eating too much food, and I’m procrastinating. 

The spending of money and the eating of too much food can be solved with one simple habit: drinking free water whenever I’m hungry instead of eating. Just this one habit will put 35 extra bucks in my pocket per week and will also help to thin my bell out. This is my mission. I’m feeling the same feeling I felt when I first started taking cold showers. I just know that it would be difficult at first but that I will get used to and will get better as time goes on. I want to set up a new goal for myself to only eat once per day and have that 1000 calories. It will be tough but I know that I can do it. The way things are going now. I can definitely say that I will eat dinner with my family at night and have that be my one and only meal. I’m going to make a habit on coach.me.
The procrastinating can be solved by coming to my desk in the morning with a clear list of priorities. I should get these done within the last 4 hours of the work day. The first half of the work day will be devoted to taking calls.


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