Hory Shet

I’m going to bed late and that’s not good. I’m just waiting. Well not waiting, but I’m doing a few things before I get to bed. I just basically need to finish writing this blog post and then organize my calendar for the week and then I can go to bed. So I guess I’ll just tell you what I’m thinking about. Which is the whole point of my blog. Just to dump everything out that comes to my brain. It’s called marcusbraindumps. I had a conversation with one of my co-workers today about starting a business. I think thta the whole conversation went well. But it could’ve gone badly if I went with my instinct to defend myself at certain points in the conversation. So basically he was giving me advice on how to start a business and I kept wanting to say that I went to school for it and that I was prepared. But If I had have said that, I would’ve closed the dialogue and perhaps prevented him from giving me good useful information. PLus I would’ve offended him which is not good. So yueah I’m glad I kept that open. And this is something that I want to do with anyone. I always want to remain open to feedback and suggestions because as much as it hurts my pride to admit, I don’t know everything there is to know about starting a business.


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