Okay so I’m just going to start.

Today, I got a friend request on FB that surprised me. It was from a girl in AZ that I don’t know. What was interesting about this is that she knows Tim Ferriss. There’s a picture of them I think about to skydive. Tim Ferriss is my hero and I would love to meet him. So maybe this girl is my way to meet him.

I also got my diploma today from UCI. I got a certificate in SEO. It feels good -like I accomplished something. I actually feel very proud that I did it. This is something that no one can take away from me and I’m really happy. It was really easy actually.

I also had some voices enter my head today. It bothered me while I was playing drums. They commenting on how I thought I was somehow psychically linked to people. I don’t believe this. But I was entertaining the notion and the voices were commenting on it.


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