My schedule

I redid my schedule and now I’m getting a better view of how I need to spend my time during the week. I’m feeling really lousy right now and I think that if I just spent my time more wisely that I would be better accomplished and feel better. I’m about to go to a drum clinic to check out some jazz drumming and to support the artists there. I need to really take a look at doing doubles and making sure that I’m getting a consistent hit. Maybe they will talk about that at the clinic. Probably not. I think my biggest trouble this weekend was staying up too late on Friday night. I drank way too much caffeine and that caused me to stay up late and want to nap on saturday. I felt lousy all of saturday and I didn’t get my things done and then I woke up today feeling guilty and lousy too. I just need to stay away from caffeine at night so that I can go to sleep.


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