Regression in Drumming

I just discovered that I can no longer make off-beat hi-hat splashes like I used to. I think it’s because I’ve messed up my muscle memory by practicing constant 8th note hi-hat splashes. I don’t know why I don’t feel worse. I feel like I should feel worse, but I don’t I really feel sort of excited since I discovered that I can’t do it. I think I feel that way because I enjoyed the process of learning off-beat hi-hat splashes and now I have a chance to learn it again. That MAY be it. I don’t quite understand my feelings about this.

I’m going to try to re-learn constant 8th note splashes first. This is something that I’m not that excited about. . . . . but now that I just wrote that, I’m actually excited about it. . . . . . . I don’t know why I’m so excited but I am. . . . I AM!!!!!


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