Had a good drum day and working on business

I had a good drumming day today. I practiced constant 8th note hi-hat splashes. I just practiced the same groove over and over for about 35 minutes. I think that this resulted in my becoming better at constant hi-hat splashes. Think of that.

Think of that.

I also practiced doubles in my left hand. I practiced doing a drag at a very slow tempo with the double hit in my left hand. It was a left to right drag. I had an image of my left hand in my head as I played. This image changed as I became more and more aware of the anatomy and the relative position of the parts of my left hand. Towards the end, the image disappeared.  I was sad when it left.

I had a good day working on business too. Not as good as I hoped it would be. But I did pretty well, considering the amount of time I spent. I spent 30 minutes. In that 30 minutes I messed with the format of my lifestyle business checklist and I also added more questions. I am now asking questions about the competitors to my prospective wholesalers and retailers.



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