Not Vaping Inside My Mom’s House

I’m having mixed feelings about not vaping inside of my mom’s house. She said that I can’t vape inside anymore because she does not want the smell to seep into the upholstery. On one hand, I’m really bummed out because I enjoy vaping inside and I’m pretty addicted to it so yeah. wow the post is really going south. Anyway I’m also feeling excited to see how I respond to not vaping inside. I’m interested in what I’ll be feeling and thinking as I resign to my new fate. I have a sense of calm that is washing over me right now and I can’t explain it. It feels to me that my mind is quiet. I like this feeling. Maybe I’ll try to take this feeling further and try not to vape too much. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I don’t want to commit to that. I’m not ready to quit. I don’t think there are very many negative side effects of vaping either. The only reason that I want to quit is to make it so that I am not so dependent on anything. instead of thinking things through all the way. I usually just vape. . . . that interrupts chances for realizations and critical thinking. . . . . . . . . . . I want to vape now as the words escape me. ..  .


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