Not doing well today

The whole day isn’t lost but I didn’t work on business today and I know that’s something that I need to do for certain. Of all the things that I do on a daily basis, the things that make me feel like my life is progressing are playing the drums and working on business. I thought about the trajectory of my life today when I noticed my tattoo again. I knew getting the tattoo was a good idea. It reminds me of The 4-Hour Workweek and all its principles and lessons and tactics and jokes and advice. The biggest thing that I took away from it is that I can have time and location freedom if I just have an automated business that can be run from the Internet. I’m lagging on doing this. I have an idea right now for foam rollers with printed designs on them. I’m going to make it a retail store. I’m taking this business opportunity to dumb down the process and really just get my feet wet in business. I have a few more steps to take before I can be ready. to sell.

  1. Get the design done. 200 dollars
  2. design the website and put mockups of foam rollers in site 300
  3. secure licensing deal with lucasfilm

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