Better than yesterday

Hello my lovely kittens,

I’m writing to let you know that I’m doing better today than I was yesterday. I know that I’ve been doing well overall, but I still want to hone in on some areas for improvement; that’s why I’m being so critical.

Yesterday ended with me feeling unaccomplished even though I only skipped one of my scheduled to-do’s. It was a big one that I skipped though: working on starting a business. I SHOULD have worked on business “lifestyle business checklist” -my own personal creation in which ask every pertinent question possible as an exercise in preparedness for starting a business. I intend to use this checklist whenever I attempt to start a business. Don’t mistake my using this checklist as a prerequisite for starting, however. I plan to fill out as much as I can beforehand and then simply find out the rest after I’ve already dove in.

Today, I worked on that checklist – sort of. I actually worked on a mind map that’s going to be tool in filling out the rest of this checklist. . .  or maybe I’ll just have a mind map instead of a checklist. Either one is fine as long as I’m posing all possible questions there are to ask when starting a business. And because I worked on this project today, I feel accomplished.

Ahhhhhh . . . sweet serenity. . . I have you for now . . .



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