Magic: the Gathering

Hello my sultry savages,

Welcome to another episode of Marcus Brain Dumps. Today, I’ll be describing a black hole that I went into when I was -or still am- looking at Magic: the Gathering (or Magic) cards and constructing “decks”, which Magic players do.

I’m really distracted right now with Magic. I’ve been looking at cards now for the past five hours and I’m still not done looking at them. I’m actually constructing a “deck” which is to say, I’m constructing a collection of cards to be used in playing the game. So far I’ve made one deck and I’m still working on my second.

The first type of deck I made is an “aggro” deck, which is basically a deck that allows you to use a fast and barraging strategy. This deck also has elements of increasing your life points. The goal of the game is to reduce the other player’s life points. So, increasing my life points makes me much less likely to lose. The deck also features “token generators”. Token generators are cards that put tokens into the game. Tokens are representations of different elements of the game but are not actually the elements themselves, they function the same way, but players know that the tokens are just “fake” cards that have their own abilities.

I feel slightly accomplished since I completed my first deck of the the day. I also feel like I’ve been wasting a lot of my time instead of chasing leads at my job. They let me do anything I want.

Now that I’ve constructed the deck, I’m going to buy it. This might be confusing . . . By constructing a deck, I mean that I looked up the cards online and made a list of the cards I want to have in my deck. I still need to buy the actual cards. I’m going to buy them after the new year or I’m going to ask for it for Christmas.

Spiraling clouds on a gray sky.



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