Today is not going so well


Here is another episode of Marcus Brain Dumps:

Today is not going so well. I guess I give it a 70%, just barely passing. Here what went wrong in bullet form:

  • Ate too much when celebrating 2oo days of being thankful
  • Fell asleep at work
  • Drank too much caffeine
  • Didn’t drink enough water
  • Didn’t work on business -THIS IS A BIG ONE!

Let’s tackle each problem so I can set myself up for success tomorrow.

  • Eating too much when celebrating
    • I’ve made a deal with myself that I can pig out all I want when celebrating accomplishments as long as I only spend $2.50. This will limit the amount of money I spend on food and it will also prevent me from eating too much bad food. I will start this immediately. Also, I will only celebrate habit-related accomplishments after 100 days of keeping the habit
  • Falling asleep at work.
    • I need to get to bed earlier and eat complex carbs the night before. I also need to make sure that I drink enough water the night before so that I’m not dehydrated at work. . . . dehydration makes you groggy. Also, I need to make sure that I don’t drink caffeine past noon so that I’m not up all night.
  • Drinking too much caffeine.
    • Get enough sleep and water and complex carbs so that I’m not needing caffeine during the day. Replace any urges to drink with drinking water. Save 1 dollar per day towards Magic: the Gathering Cards for each day that I drink only 1 soda.
  • Drinking water.
    • incentivize myself to drink more water by allowing myself to save 1 dollar each successful day toward Magic: the Gathering cards
  • Working on business
    • I just have to do this

Going to bed way too late. Bob’s your uncle


Staying up way too late 

Hey dudes,

Welcome to another episode of Marcus Brain Dumps.

Today, I’m staying up way too late. I’m really screwing it up big time when I do this because I got so little sleep last night. I’m just in bed here writing this post after watching so many Facebook videos and YouTube videos. I hope tomorrow goes better.


Magic: the Gathering

Hello baby bumps,

Welcome to another episode of Marcus Brain Dumps:

Happy Thanksgiving you twat. Everything went well for me today. I ate great food and hung out with my family all day. We ate, played the board game that I created, watched David Blaine stick sharp shit through his body, played Magic: the Gathering, played shithead, watched Burn After Reading, and played more Magic: the Gathering. It was spectacular.

Nothing, Boobs, Cold showers

Hello brainiacs,

Welcome to another episode of Marcus Brain Dumps.

Today went well. I feel this way because everything, so far, went according to schedule. Woopdeedoo.  My life is getting boring so I’m glad for days like today when I get to change it up just a little bit. See, I just reached my 200th day of taking cold showers. To reward myself, I ate two burritos, fries and a diet coke. I really enjoyed it. I scarfed it down. Wow I feel like I can’t even type anymore and I don’t know what I’m going to write after this.  I guess I’ll just let things flow like usual. Well, today was okay. I already said that. Geez I’m floundering here I need something more fun to write about. Let’s talk about boobs. Jesus I need boobs. Bouncy tits all over my dick. Yes, I’m disgusting. I like boobs, what can I say. I think it’s really awkward to talk to girls though. I don’t know how to hit on them or make any girls laugh or anything. Wow, just talking about this makes me uncomfortable. I guess I’ll just stop now because I’m bored.

Hello, you bouncing souls,

Welcome to another edition of Marcus Brain Dumps.

So, I guess no one really reads this blog. It’s okay, really. I just use it as a journal mostly. Although, I hope someone does read it. Regardless, it’s a really good way to think about different areas of my life. I don’t know why, but I’m getting depressed that no one reads this blog. And another part of me really doesn’t care. I guess I can’t make up my mind. Either that, or my feelings are fucking with me. Fuck I haven’t fucking cussed in a long fucking time and it feels great, even if I’m only doing it through this post. So I want to talk about this awkward moment that I had with this dude that I work with. His name, issssss . . . . I’m not going to reveal his name so fuck you. I love you. Let’s just say that I was trying to get out the conversation but also trying not to. I was trying to be as polite as I could when I was talking to him today outside of his car. He just kept going on about different places that he ate and kept talking about his girlfriend. I didn’t want to hear it. I just wanted to go home. (I’m going to interrupt myself here because I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated because I keep telling myself how I SHOULD feel or think, instead of just feeling or thinking honestly. I started doing this after I read Think and Grow Rich and The Magic of Thinking Big. I was convinced by those books that I should try to find the positive perspective in every situation and it has turned me into a fake, nicety spewing pussy machine. I haven’t trouble just thinking a thought without correcting myself and examining everything. I really just want to go a day without doing it. I guess I’m afraid that I’ll get negative and start becoming pessimistic. I hope not)

Hello you sons of bitches,

Welcome to Marcus Brain Dumps.

Today I woke up on the couch and felt like shit. I immediately went to get energy drinks. Drinkssssss. Plural. After that, I helped my dad reorganize the garage. It looks pretty much the same. I bought vape juice after that and bought beans on the way home. I, sure as hell, love beans. After that, I played some drums. My doubles in my left hand are getting a lot better. I thought I’d be freaking out more when k got to this point but it’s been such a long and slow process that I guess it feels like my skills are long overdue. After that, I wasted some time and then sat down to read The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords. The. I wasted more time and jerked off. And now I’m in bed with you

Voices in my head 

Hello sugar muffin pumpkin tits,

Welcome to another episode of Marcus Brain Dumps.

I don’t know what I want to talk about so I’ll just start talking. I started hearing lots of voices today. I think it was the caffeine basically, it was like everybody from my workplace was communicating with me telepathically. They were saying some random thing while I was constantly trying to interrupt them by saying “Vegas”. I say “Vegas” whenever I want to keep my mind from spiraling out into a negative direction. I have a sneaking suspicion, although a very stupid and obviously insane and idiotic suspicion that when I say “Vegas” to myself, that I somehow “summon” my old boss and friend’s spirit to come and aid me from these bad thoughts. If I hear voices and it’s really bothering me, I say “Vegas” to myself in my head and that sort of helps to break the chain of bad thoughts. I found myself saying it a lot today. It was hard to get through drum practice today without being interrupted by these voices. I felt like I was being observed by a bunch of people telepathically. Some of the voices were good, and they actually helped me out. The only time it really got bad was when a bunch of them started calling me a phony, commenting on my drumming. That bothered me. In addition to saying “Vegas”, and I guess i didn’t explain “Vegas” enough. . . My old boss and friend went to Vegas and got a new job managing at a car dealership. He called me up one day just to get in touch. At the end of the call, which didn’t go all too well now that I think about it, he said, “hit me up if you’re ever in Vegas.” So I started to say Vegas to remind me of him and summon his spirit. Jesus, this is crazy. So along with saying “Vegas” a lot, I kept my mind off the voices by trying to build a deck of Magic: the Gathering cards in my head. It worked, and then new voices entered my head that were nice and tried to help me make the deck. 

I’m assuredly imagining all this and it is only happening because I drank way too much caffeine today

Sad Facebook

Hello, you highly effective people,

Welcome to another edition of Marcus Brain Dumps.

I’ll guess I’ll just talk about Facebook

I woke up at 5:30 and immediately jumped on Facebook. You know, it’s funny how Facebook really wakes me up in the morning. It get really excited to see if anyone has liked or shared any of my posts. . . . I get downtrodden if no one has. Either way, it really wakes me up, which is kind of sad. I’m so emotionally dependent on Facebook that I look to it for entertainment, news, and validation. Looking to it for validation is the worst part. I really wish I wasn’t so dependent on it. I sometimes fantasize about what my life would be like without social media. . . I dream of becoming hyper-focused on improving my life and feeling like nothing has a stranglehold on my attention or emotions. I dream of becoming the revered ascetic that only focuses on important things like drumming and reading and business. I guess that would be my ideal situation. . . But I have a certain flaw that prevents me from taking the leap and deleting my social media accounts forever, especially Facebook. See, I’m terrible with people. I know you’re thinking, “Nooooo . . . you, Marcus? But you’re so friendly in your WordPress posts. I couldn’t imagine that you have trouble dealing with people.” I wish I could say you were right, but no, you’re wrong, I’m about a good with people as refried beans are. I coming along sometimes, but I’m never the main attraction and sometimes I’m really cheesy. haha Terrible! See what I mean? And sometimes your stomach hurts when you have too much of me. I know what you’re thinking, “Why is this guy so depressing? Geez I wanted to have some fun reading a blog post tonight, not watch some loser compare himself to Mexican side dishes.” But there’s a point! I’m getting to it. See when you’re not good with people, you hang on to every bit of social interaction you can get even if you know it’s not going to turn out great. And you do this because, if you don’t, you’ll end up alone and creepy. You have to try is what I’m saying and for some people, it’s hard. So, for those of us who are on the verge of being forever alone, Facebook is proof that you don’t not have any friends. People look at your profile “Eh, he’s got 607 Facebook friends, he can’t be a total loser.” HAHAAAAAA i got you, I’m sad inside.

Hurt my sisters feelings on accident 

Hello you crazy ones,

Welcome to another installment of Marcus Brain Dumps.

So, I think I hurt my sister’s feelings today when she was telling me about her business cards. I pointed something out that bothered me and she said she actually wanted it that way. I said, “Well it looks good otherwise.” That kind of means that it isn’t perfect. I know she didn’t want to hear that since she put a lot of effort into it. I apologized and she said it was okay.

Fuck donkeys


Hello you masters of the universe,

Welcome to another edition of Marcus Brain Dumps. Today, I’ll be talking about reading.

I’m currently reading all of the novels of Kurt Vonnegut. I’m on book 13 out of 14.  I think my reading comprehension is still lacking but it’s much improved. I can make sense of plot point better than I can extraneous details. I’m definitely more forgiving of myself now when I read compared to 6 months ago. I used to get really frustrated if I did not understand completely what an author is saying. Now, I just keep reading, knowing that I’ll catch on to the major information as I go.