Procrastinating on Working on Business

Hello you masters of the universe,

Welcome to another episode of Marcus Brain Dumps. Today, I’ll be talking about how I’m procrastinating on working on business.

Well, today started off well. I woke up at 5:30AM and got to work early and finish a book that I’d been reading. Nothing really eventful happened until about an hour ago when I decided that I should work on my lifestyle business mind map, a template that I’ll use to predict any questions that might arise when starting a business.  It was a good decision, but I have yet to complete the task.

I don’t know why I’m taking so long to bring myself to do it. I think that I’m procrastinating because it is so boring to me. I also might be procrastinating because I don’t have a deadline set for the project. I ALSO might be procrastinating because it’s not clear what I’ll need to address when I’m working on the project. . . . Let’s address each of these concerns now.

Let’s talk about the boring nature of the work. While working on the task, the work seems drags on and on. Now, this isn’t to say that I spend a lot of time on it. I’m only committed to working on it for 30 minutes at a time. But the actual work seems like it takes a long time. I think this is because I’m constantly distracted while I do it, which prevents me from getting really into it and having fun. Reflecting on my experience in working on this checklist, I notice that I’m constantly checking the clock and my mind is constantly pulled away from the work by ambient sounds, conversations and phone calls. I guess what I can do here is to put on a timer so that I can work for 30 minutes, knowing that the alarm will prevent me from working over minutes without me having to constantly check the clock. To block out the sounds, I can put in earplugs.

I’ve also noticed that I feel zoned in only after about ten minutes of working until something stumps me.  To address this, I guess I can just remind myself not to have the expectation that any real work needs to be done for the first ten minutes. This will have the added benefit of countering any frustration when it comes to working on the project.

About the deadline: the is no deadline, not set by myself or by any outside source. To my brain, this means that I have little motivation to get to work, really. In order to motivate myself, I’ll need to remind myself that starting a business is the second most important thing I do, only second to drumming. Also, I might just need to set a deadline for this project. I’ll make a promise right now to finish this project by the end of This year, 9 weeks or so. I’ll only achieve this outcome if I work every day and also work on the weekend.

Now, I also procrastinate because I don’t really know what I’ll be addressing during my work. There are tons of questions to be asked when starting a business and the project involves thinking about those questions and writing them down. Each time I sit down to work on the project I start brainstorming different aspects of the business and the questions I’ll need to answer to make those different aspects function. I get frustrated when I can’t think of anything. To combat this frustration, I’ll begin the practice of jumping to another topic if I can’t think of anything.


That is all.



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