Wasting Time on Facebook

Hello kittens, meow!

Welcome to another episode of Marcus Brain Dumps. Today is a somber episode where I look at my wasting time on Facebook.

So, I waste a lot of time on Facebook. I heard that people who are depressed use social media a lot. I don’t feel depressed, but I know that I could be doing other things with my time that would make me a better person. So what would I do with the time I free up if I were to cut down on Facebook? The first thing that comes to mind is reading. I would read a lot more and I would be all the better for it. I’m trying to get through all of the Kurt Vonnegut novels right now and I’m only 2 books shy. Once I finished those, I’m going to start reading business books. I think I’ll start with Facebook marketing books. And then I’ll move onto manufacturing or warehousing books. I don’t know yet. Either way, I’ll be reading something that adds to my life. . .

The other thing I would do is play guitar or piano. I don’t have my piano set up right now but I can get it set up of I just move my new desk out of my room. I hesitate to do this because I’m afraid of what my dad will think about moving my desk out of the room. This is because I just moved the desk INTO my room just today. I’m afraid that he will think me fickle and unable to make commitments. . . This is probably an unnecessary fear because it doesn’t serve me to have it. If I want to set up my piano in my room, I’ll just go ahead and do it I guess. . . But where would I put the things that are on my desk right now. . . Like I said, I would need to move my desk out of the room to make room for the piano. I guess I could just find room for all of it on my book shelf. . . I don’t think I have enough room. Even if I don’t have room, I would still move my piano in if I decided on it. I would find a way. Now, all of this makes sense only if I’m going to make more time for myself by cutting down on Facebook time. Or, maybe I’ll just move the piano into my room and have it there to make it easy for me to jump on it whenever I catch myself using Facebook too much. We shall see. . . 


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