Voices in my head 

Hello sugar muffin pumpkin tits,

Welcome to another episode of Marcus Brain Dumps.

I don’t know what I want to talk about so I’ll just start talking. I started hearing lots of voices today. I think it was the caffeine basically, it was like everybody from my workplace was communicating with me telepathically. They were saying some random thing while I was constantly trying to interrupt them by saying “Vegas”. I say “Vegas” whenever I want to keep my mind from spiraling out into a negative direction. I have a sneaking suspicion, although a very stupid and obviously insane and idiotic suspicion that when I say “Vegas” to myself, that I somehow “summon” my old boss and friend’s spirit to come and aid me from these bad thoughts. If I hear voices and it’s really bothering me, I say “Vegas” to myself in my head and that sort of helps to break the chain of bad thoughts. I found myself saying it a lot today. It was hard to get through drum practice today without being interrupted by these voices. I felt like I was being observed by a bunch of people telepathically. Some of the voices were good, and they actually helped me out. The only time it really got bad was when a bunch of them started calling me a phony, commenting on my drumming. That bothered me. In addition to saying “Vegas”, and I guess i didn’t explain “Vegas” enough. . . My old boss and friend went to Vegas and got a new job managing at a car dealership. He called me up one day just to get in touch. At the end of the call, which didn’t go all too well now that I think about it, he said, “hit me up if you’re ever in Vegas.” So I started to say Vegas to remind me of him and summon his spirit. Jesus, this is crazy. So along with saying “Vegas” a lot, I kept my mind off the voices by trying to build a deck of Magic: the Gathering cards in my head. It worked, and then new voices entered my head that were nice and tried to help me make the deck. 

I’m assuredly imagining all this and it is only happening because I drank way too much caffeine today


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