Today is not going so well


Here is another episode of Marcus Brain Dumps:

Today is not going so well. I guess I give it a 70%, just barely passing. Here what went wrong in bullet form:

  • Ate too much when celebrating 2oo days of being thankful
  • Fell asleep at work
  • Drank too much caffeine
  • Didn’t drink enough water
  • Didn’t work on business -THIS IS A BIG ONE!

Let’s tackle each problem so I can set myself up for success tomorrow.

  • Eating too much when celebrating
    • I’ve made a deal with myself that I can pig out all I want when celebrating accomplishments as long as I only spend $2.50. This will limit the amount of money I spend on food and it will also prevent me from eating too much bad food. I will start this immediately. Also, I will only celebrate habit-related accomplishments after 100 days of keeping the habit
  • Falling asleep at work.
    • I need to get to bed earlier and eat complex carbs the night before. I also need to make sure that I drink enough water the night before so that I’m not dehydrated at work. . . . dehydration makes you groggy. Also, I need to make sure that I don’t drink caffeine past noon so that I’m not up all night.
  • Drinking too much caffeine.
    • Get enough sleep and water and complex carbs so that I’m not needing caffeine during the day. Replace any urges to drink with drinking water. Save 1 dollar per day towards Magic: the Gathering Cards for each day that I drink only 1 soda.
  • Drinking water.
    • incentivize myself to drink more water by allowing myself to save 1 dollar each successful day toward Magic: the Gathering cards
  • Working on business
    • I just have to do this

Going to bed way too late. Bob’s your uncle


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