Dealing With My Dad

Hello you smugglers, save the good stuff for me.

Welcome to another Episode of Marcus Brain Dumps.

Today, I asked my dad if he would take me out after I finished reading the current book that I’m reading. It’s the last of the fourteen novels that Kurt Vonnegut wrote. I’ve read every other one until now. I wanted to make an occasion out of it. I expected him to say “yes” or “why”. But he didn’t. He said, “I thought we only go out on Fridays, are you going to finish by Friday?” I just didn’t want to respond. It’s like he was inviting a fight and daring me to prove him wrong about what he just said. I would’ve then had to take an adversarial stance and try to justify going out by arguing with him. I didn’t want to do that, so I just let it go.

It sucks that he does that. Why can’t he just say “yes” or “why” or “no”? It would be a lot easier to communicate with him if he just gave me straight answers.

I fucking hate it that he said that. And now I’m in a bad mood. I’m going to try some positive thinking to get myself out of it. Or maybe I’ll just sleep it away.

Anyway, I decided that I’m going to treat myself all on my own when I finish reading the book. I’m going to buy myself a meal that I really enjoy. Nothing too expensive and nothing fancy or even chic. I’m just going to treat myself 3 times to something cheap. Pizza and beer? Steak and wine? Hot dog and Soda? Burger, fries and a shake? I don’t know yet but I’m going to make it something good.



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