Was late at work

Hello sugar muffins,

Welcome to another episode of Marcus Brain Dumps.

I was late again today for work. This makes two times since they’ve been tracking our attendance. If I’m late one more time, I’ll have my commission cut by 25%. Many people in the office already have had their commission cut. I’m trying not to be one of them. All I need to do is have perfect attendance for the next 6 weeks and I’ll be in the clear. I say this because I’m only going to stay at this job for another six weeks. Worst case scenario, I’m late again tomorrow. . . . I guess this is not so bad since I think I can still make sure that I get at least 300 per paycheck. Ideally, I’ll make about 700 per paycheck so that I can live off of 300 dollars every two weeks while saving 400. . . Saving this much would bring me 1200 more dollars between now and the time I quit. I only need 1000 more dollars until I reach my goal of $6000. I have $6000 set as a goal so that I can have $1000 per month for six months while I’m away from work.


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