Onnit Alpha Brain Instant

Hello brainiacs,

Welcome to another episode of Marcus Brain Dumps.

Today was a good day. I really want to talk about Onnit Alpha Brain Instant. I gulped down two packets before my run today and the whole experience was pristine. It seemed to whiz by. I normally don’t take this much, but it’s just the boost I need before a run. I’ve also experimented with Alpha Brain Instant before drumming, the results are amazing. I’m focused, in a better mood, and feel more playful. I was hesitant to increase my dosage to two packets at first, fearing side effects. But I tried it anyway, being a badass ;). Nothing bad has happened. No come down. Nothing. Caffeine has worse side effects. All this readily available energy, focus and mood enhancement comes instantly, and it tastes like peaches!

I’m definitely going to order more. I start my Master’s program in 6 weeks, so I guess I’ll be order A LOT more.



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