Hello you tight tigers,

Welcome to another episode of Marcus Brain Dumps.

Today was a day full of cheats. I woke up in the morning and got to work early. Thank God I didn’t die, by the way, because drifting in and out of sleep the entire car ride up to my office. So, I got to work early and decided that I should reward myself for consistently scooping cat litter. I decided a hot dog was appropriate so I went to 7-Eleven and got myself an iced tea along with a hot dog for two bucks. All of this was just . . . . TWO BUCKS! Dealarooni.

And then I went the whole day just drinking iced tea and water until it was time for my sister’s birthday celebration at Cheesecake Factory. I ate the most ginormous burrito of all time and appetizers and bread.

I received so much pleasure from this day that I’m not even going to jack off tonight.


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