Cheating Today and Yesterday Was Not Good

Hello there, precious,

Welcome to another edition of Marcus Brain Dumps. Today, I’ll be sharing with you my remorse over cheating on my diet.

Yesterday, I ate a steak when I was technically supposed to be fasting. I normally fast on Sunday until night time when I eat beans. When the day started, I knew I was going to make an exception at dinner because it was Christmas, I was going to allow myself to eat anything I wanted as long as it was part of our family’s Christmas celebration.  I lasted until about 12pm and ate a steak. I felt guilty about it, and I want to say that it wasn’t that bad of a mistake but it was. You see, I’m trying to form the new habit of not cheating so much on my diet. These first few days are crucial. I cheated today as well when I ate a burger, so that’s not good. I need to keep myself accountable because no one else really cares that much that I lose weight, not as much as I do.

I think I cheated today because it felt weird not to cheat with my brother around. He isn’t strict about his diet and I felt like I would be acting strange if I didn’t cheat. I should’ve let him know that I was trying not to cheat anymore and that I’m becoming more strict with my diet. I think he would be the kind of person that I could talk to about things like this. But then again, I feel like would cheat anyway around him even if I told him. I have to watch out for this when I see him.



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