Fighting Feelings of Worthlessness With Drumming

Hello you amiable aficionados of avocados,

Welcome to another Episode of Marcus Brain Dumps.

I was feeling down today about my drumming. After a year-and-a-half of 2-hour sessions on the drums 6 days a week (almost perfectly), I felt today that it had all been for naught. I felt like I was no longer impressive. And the excited anticipation of becoming better in order to show off to my friends and family left me all at once.

I felt like shit. In my woe, I absentmindedly started to drum. I immediately felt better. I think I’m starting to appreciate drumming for its own sake rather than the social benefits it creates. This is good! My ego is being stripped away and all that will be left is an appreciation for the art.

I’m still the best.



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