10 Business Ideas Per Day

Hello you sexy kittens . . . Meow!

Welcome to another Episode of Marcus Brain Dumps.

I was reading Tools of Titans today by Tim Ferriss and one of the interviewees in the book, James Altucher, mentioned how he writes down 10 business ideas per day. I want to do the same thing. I knew immediately what to do as I’ve had many brainstorming sessions before with tons of ensuing ridiculousness. I knew it would be fun. For the uninitiated, coming up with ideas is supposed to be a playful experience where weird, wonky, and contorted ideas are encouraged. If you’re doing it with a group, use the “yes! And” mode of discourse that is often used by improv comedy groups. The idea is to build on each other’s ideas by saying “Yes! and” right before expanding on the previous idea. To do this in your own head is pretty fun too.

I’ve officially written down 20 new business ideas today, and I plan on doing 10 more each day for five days per week indefinitely (even if one of the ideas takes off. . . takes 15 minutes).

You are free to move about the cabin,



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