Skipping the Important Things

Hello you suave sultans,

Welcome to another episode of Marcus Brain Dumps.

I feel like today is a total failure. The day started off well. I got up on time, got an iced tea, got to work. . . felt sick all day but didn’t go home. . . Then, I got home and fed the cat like I normally do and jumped on the drumset for my daily practice session. After practice, I did some push ups in lieu of going to the actual because I didn’t want to get anyone sick, I took a cold shower.Finally, for the last thing that went according to plan, I ate dinner and then, after that, I promptly shat on all of my responsibilities. . .

I didn’t do the dishes. I didn’t empty the cat litter. I didn’t write down ten business ideas. I didn’t work on business for 30 minutes like a normally do. I missed some other shit I can’t remember right now. And I didn’t even brush my teeth! I did manage to have myself a wank though . . . I died a little bit . . .

I missed some of the most important parts of my day. The main things I’m guilty about not completing is 30 minutes of dedicated business time and 10 business ideas time. It’s so easy for me to write this down and lament and feel self-righteously guilty. But what will I do to make sure that I won’t miss another day of keeping up with my habits? Well, I can stop making the excuse that I’m sick. I managed to practice the drums and do a light workout. I don’t see why I couldn’t have worked on business for 30 minutes and taken 10 minutes to come up with 10 business ideas.

That’s it. . . I have a new rule. If I’m feeling sick and I’m in doubt of my own incapacity, I will err on the side of being too active. I will burn the oil.

But then maybe I should be cautious so as not to miss work on account of being too sick. . .

Everything is meaningless

I want to snog a dog in a bog.



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