Inoculate Yourself

Hello darkness, my old friend,

Welcome to another episode of Marcus Brain Dumps.

^Do you think this opening line is too upbeat?^ Whatever. . . I’ll just write.

I came up with a new mantra today. I’m now repeating the sentence “inoculate yourself” in my head. This is a reminder to look for ways to become comfortable with the uncomfortable so that I can be comfortable if a truly uncomfortable situation arises. I hope you’re comfortable with that! Haaaaaaa! This almost exclusively applies to social situations. Whenever I feel squeemish or awkward or paranoid or uncomfortable, I just say “inoculate yourself” and embrace the discomfort, as it will inoculate me from further discomfort like it. I know that I will get stronger and better as I keep doing. I will have developed thick skined and will be able to sit through awkwardness for however long I need to. I will also just learn to feel more relaxed.

inoculate yourself


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