Preparing to Tell My Dad About College Ruined My Day

Hello Brain Dumpers,

Welcome to another episode of Marcus Brain Dumps.

Today, was a shit sandwich that tasted like ice cream.  I woke up. Out of the office by 4:10. So far so good.  I called my brother when I got home to ask him his advice on talking to my dad about starting my Master’s program. I’m going to start taking prereqs at a junior college next week. I just haven’t told my dad that I’m doing so. It would be no big deal to tell any other dad, but my dad vacillates on between supportive and obstinately negative when it comes to big future plans. So, I need advice from my brother before speaking to him since my brother has a good enough relationship with him. My brother basically said to tell my dad that I plan to become financially independent in three years, adding that a Master’s degree would be the best way to get started. It took us an hour to get to that point. . . the only remaining issue was whether to tell him over lunch during his break next Wednesday or to tell him after dinner next Tuesday. I want to tell him during lunch because he’s usually in a good mood during work hours and I want to catch him in a good mood. I think I’m going to tell him at lunch, but I’m only going to mention that I’m taking a few classes this semester. I’m not sure that I’ll get into the Master’s program.

Then I went home and talked with my sister and about big movie shoot that she might be doing across the country. And then it was 7pm . . . I missed drum practice, which I’m mad about. I also missed the gym. Not good.




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