Hello you vagabonds,

Welcome to another episode of Marcus Brain Dumps.

I guess I’ll just write about what’s making me mad. . . 

I started a conversation with my dad and stepmom by telling them that I started reading this book about long-term travel. I told them that that’s what I want to eventually do. My dad didn’t seem to have a problem with it. He actually told me that his employee did the same thing one summer by working on a farm to earn her stay. My stepmom said, “But she was working And she saved up” like she was implying that I wasn’t working or saving and that I couldn’t afford a trip like that. I told her that his employee actually earned her stay by working there. But she kept fighting me by saying, “no she worked!” My dad said “yeah for the plane ticket.” “Yeah, well you have to pay for the plane ticket.” 

Isn’t that obvious!? No, shit you have to pay for plane ticket! No shit! 

Anyway, I started out trying to tell them some of my hopes and goals and all my stepmom did was shoot me down and try to make me feel like I didn’t have capacity to save and buy a plane ticket. I have 6000 on hand that I’m saving for school right now for school. I know how to save. I’m just not spending it right now on a trip. I know I can save and I will have more money in the future to travel.


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