Shitty Job on my Exam

Howdy doody, Brain Dumpers,

I did poorly on my programming test today. I find out for sure next week. I definitely used the wrong counter control variable in the while loop. Fuck. If I miss more than 10 points, I’ll have a B in the class, not good! I need an A or else I won’t get into my master’s program. Shit fuck balls.

In other news, I talked with my sister about building her a Magic: the Gathering deck. I know she really doesn’t want one but I want to make one for her that will make her celebrate like a little girl. WEEEEEEEE! But that’s never going to happen. I think I might just make myself another deck and have her play with that one if she ever wants to play.

In other OTHER news, I’m not going to work out today because I don’t have time. That’s a valid excuse, I need to spend time 4 hours studying tonight and I don’t have time for anything else. If you tuned in yesterday, you know I made the point that working out would help me do better in school. So, tomorrow, I will work out just like normal.



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