Hey Brain Dumpers,

So I just got back from hanging out with my brother and it was the fucking tits. We played Magic: the Gathering and we made some gifts for my mom for Mother’s Day and then we saw his neighbor’s band play. It was a good day.  What really stands out to me was how well the social interactions went today. Specifically, when my brother and his friends were talking about me to my brother’s friend’s girlfriend, they had good things to say about me. They talked about how I make a Facebook post every night about five good things that happened that day. And they also talked about how I take pictures of everything that I eat.  I do these things for that reason, as an apology for my otherwise “nothing” personality I really have nothing to offer socially except for these things. And then my brother’s friend said I was getting better at the drums. That’s really good to hear. That’s something interesting about me, that I actually practice the drums hard. These habits are precious to me, they make me interesting and I like that I do them. I need to keep doing these things.

I also realized that my overall goal of drumming or doing something musical for a living doesn’t seem too farfetched. I just need to keep working hard -even harder than I’m working now. I’ve got to stay faithful to my drumming and I really need to be practicing more deliberately. Now, just to figure out a way to actually implement it and know what that means in actionable steps.

My overall goal is to play music or do something music related for a living. Playing music. To do that, I need to practice a lot more than I am right now. I need to practice at least 4 hours per day. For that, I need to create more free time. To create more free time, I need to reduce the number of hours that I work while still making a livable income. To do that, I need a job in which I can make my own hours. To get a job where I can make my own hours, I need to do work that doesn’t rely on per-hour results. Work that doesn’t rely on per-hour results is project-based work -as long as I can be paid for the project, it doesn’t matter how many hours I spend on it. I’ve chosen programming. Programming is a growing field that pays well and pays based on projects, not hours. Other bonuses for programming: I like it, It makes me feel cool and smart, Programming chic and attitude is laid-back, It lends itself to remote work because all of the work can be done on the computer and submitted online -remote work will also let me work from home, which cuts down on commuting time and gas money and workplace politics and fits well with my loner personality. In order to get a livable programming job that pays based by the project, I’ll need to develop the skills and the reputation to attract employers. I’ve chosen to get a Master’s degree to do this.


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