Sister Moved Out!

Brain Dumpers,

I got my mother-fucking wish! My sister moved out and I’m excited. I’m excited to see what I’m like and what my life is like without her in the house. She moved from Orange County, CA all the way to Los Angeles. I’m so psyched. I kind of miss her. But mostly, I’m excited. I get to be home without worrying about her always getting on my case, talking down to me, telling me what to do, or making fun of me. I can just live my life in peace. I kind of feel like I’m alone now, which is a little frightening. But it’s just like training wheels for me when I really DO live on my own. I’m going to live along in my own house with just my drum set as my companion. My sister moving out is just another step along the way to emotional independence. I can stop worrying about her when I come home. I can just have the house to myself. I can have it clean, orderly and just the way I want it. My parents and I get along for the most part. It’s just my dad that gets angry and unreasonable sometimes. I’m really dreading mentioning to him my plans to get a futon because his last objection was that shipping would need to be paid for a return if we don’t like it.

I guess I’ll just show him and see if he gets mad.



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