Dear Brain Dumpers,

I almost called you BRIAN Dumpers. Hehe. Which reminds me that I haven’t talked to my friend Brian in a really long time. How the fuck did I lose 2 friends on Facebook? Idk if that’s anything to worry about. Right now, it’s the only social connection that I have. It’s through Facebook that I get to tell everyone that I’m still alive and what I’m doing. I like the attention, even though I shouldn’t. But who the fuck cares? Dude I’m so fucking hot. Like temperature hot. I’m going to take off my sweat pants brb. Okay, I’m down to my skivies and I moved to the garage. It isn’t much cooler in here. I don’t know if it’s in fact any cooler. Dude. I had a good day today. I want to say that I had a good day but I know that there are some things that I could’ve done better. The day was enjoyable for sure. I really enjoyed myself. But I didn’t really edify myself. The biggest thing that I want to work on is concentrating on making calls at work. I’ll try harder tomorrow. God. I’m getting really aggravated thinking about how much more I need to be doing each day.  I don’t even know what to write about anymore. It’s like all I can say is that my day was good for the most part and I still need to improve. That’s about the gist of it. Okay. But this is a long-form blog post so let’s dive deeper. I find myself enjoying things a lot more lately. I enjoyed people telling me that I’ve lost a lot of weight.

There’s this guy Jake at my work and he’s pretty fucking funny, in kind of a lumbering way. I thought he wasn’t that smart but he’s a very logical thinker and he’s getting good grades in school. Maybe we can be friends. What would we do though? I think we should just get nachos. Perfect.

Let’s focus on me though.

I feel like I should be more concerned about missing my reading each day. I think that will really help me. I’m reading Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl dude. I think I’ll just read right now



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