Things I️ Know About Self-Discipline

Brain Dumpers,

I’m not having a very productive night, but it’s bed time so I’m not going to let it bother me anymore. I’m here reminding myself about how to build self-discipline so that I️ wake up tomorrow ready to go.

  1. Control your environment. Sheer will power is no match for a distracting environment. Remove everything that sends your mind off into random thoughts. This includes your cellphone and the Internet. Turn off your phone while you need to work and turn on a website blocker.

2. Self-discipline is like a muscle. Use your self-discipline so that that it gets stronger, like a muscle. The one caveat is that you can deplete this muscle. Make sure tackle the most important tasks first so that you do your best work when your discipline is fresh. Decisions also deplete your discipline muscle so reduce the amount of decisions you make by automating your day as much as possible.

3. Your discipline transfers to other tasks. When you build your discipline in one task, you build your capacity for discipline in other tasks. You actually strengthen the discipline faculty.

4) Watch your diet. Drops in blood sugar decrease your ability to stay disciplined. Make sure to stay away from sugar because you will crash and lose your discipline. Eat slow carbs and plenty of fat. Eat brain food like fish oil and walnuts

5) Sleep is important. When you’re tired, you’re not disciplined. Get nine hours of sleep per night

6) Do something meditative each day to clear your mind and being yourself to the present. A mind-cleanse will prevent you from getting distracted with thoughts about the past and present

7) Encourage yourself. Keep yourself motivated by talking positively to yourself until you complete your goals


Facebook Again, and self-control

Hi, Brain Dumpers,

I just realized that deleting my Facebook app won’t work because I actually need to have the app in order to post Instagram photos to my Facebook timeline. I run an Instagram profile about food and I need my posts to reach Facebook too. So, I have to keep the app on my phone. Too bad.

This is actually a chance for me to work on my self-control. I’ll be trying not to go on the app. Instead, I’ll just have it sitting there so I can make Instagram posts to my timeline.

I’m trying to act less impulsively in general, so I’ll need to plan my moves ahead of time. I need a planner and I don’t do well with my iPhone calendar. It’s too cumbersome to schedule things and I just want to be able to write things down quickly. I need a planner. I have a small planner that I use right now that has been working but it doesn’t have the space I need to actually make a schedule. It works more like a checklist. I think I’m going to buy one today. I’ll check Wal-Mart.  I hesitate to make a commitment to use a planner though because I don’t like the idea of carrying it around. I guess I could just leave it in my car. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll keep the small planner in my pocket and take notes throughout the day and transfer those notes to my big planner that I keep in my car. Seems good. I think this will go a long way in helping me to be less impulsive. I’ll just plan out my weeks each week and stick to it.


Quitting my job

Hola Brain Dumpers,

I have a serious but not solemn issue. My workplace just scheduled me for 27.25 hours next week when I clearly stated on my application hat I can only work 20 hours per week. I know that they are entering the holiday season and that they will be busy because they are a retail shop. However, I really can only work 20 hours per week because I need to maximize my study time.

Also, I need the 3 days before my midterm off or else I can’t work there

Day one without the Facebook app

Brain Dumpers,

I’m an effort to reduce distractions, I’ve delete the Facebook app. Instead of spending time on the app. I’m spending time with you on this blog. Most of these next posts will detail my feelings as I live without the app. I spent so much time everyday checking Facebook and getting distracted by it that I lose my train of thought. I would go on the app only to find that the information would linger in my mind even after closing the app. I anticipate feeling a little raw without the constant influx of information, but I hope that this rawness brings me closer to an uninterrupted stream of consciousness that I can hone into focused action. Right now, I’m feeling like I want to go on the app after I finish this blog post. I want to be distracted but I know that I should stay focused. Now, how to go to sleep? I can read. Or I can just lie in bed until sleep comes. I think I’ll try the latter. 

Goodnight, Brain Dumpers